Come play with The Magic Family of Clowns!!


We look forward to seeing you there!!

You may find The Magic Family of Clowns at children's birthday parties, company events, fairs, festivals, promotions, parades... anywhere there are children and parties!
The magic show that The Magic Family of Clowns performs is sure to leave you amazed!  In many tricks, a child will actually become the star and do the magic.  Silly clowns often need help to get the magic to work!  

Everyone loves balloon animals!  From swords, to fancy hats, to animals, these creations amaze and delight children of all ages.  They love to watch the balloons get twisted and turned into the exact thing they wanted!

Face painting is always a hit, and The Magic Family of Clowns will create face designs that all children absolutely love!  The possibilities are endless with Spiderman, flowers, butterflies, snakes, lizards, glittery rainbows, etc.  The Magic Family of Clowns can paint a full face design, or a simple little picture on a cheek or forehead.  The paints are simply applied with water, and come off with water as well!


Chick-Fil-A Family Night
912 Pleasant Grove Blvd
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 773-5558

*Enjoy free Face painting and Balloon Animals while dining with your family!

Roseville Downtown Tuesday Nights (May to August)
*Come enjoy Face Painting and Balloon Animals!
For more information, click here


Twinkle is at the Original Pancake House
10000 Fairway Drive
Roseville CA, 95678
(916) 788-3040

*Come enjoy free Balloon Animals!